Top Five Reasons to Buy Organic Wine: #1 – Organic wines taste better

Taste is certainly a matter of personal perspective. Research studies, however, have shown that organic wines receive high ratings from trusted critics and from consumers as well.

Research conducted by Prof. Magali Delmas, an environmental economist at UCLA, found that wines made with organically grown grapes rate higher, using a widely-accepted ranking, than wines made with conventionally grown grapes. Regarding her study, Delmas was quoted in Science Daily: “Wine made with organically grown grapes is higher quality,” Delmas said. “Growers have to devote more time and attention and take better care of organically certified vines than conventional vines, and our results show that these efforts are apparent in the product.” Delmas and her research team studied 13,426 wines from 1,495 California wineries. Vintages ranged from 1998 to 2005, and more than 30 varietals and 25 appellations were represented.

A Stanford study by Prof. Michael Hannan found that vintages produced under guidelines associated with strict labels were more likely to receive higher ratings from consumers and critics than those that weren’t. in Robert Parker’s 2008 ratings of Alsace wines, for instance, six of the top ten producers (those rated “exceptional”) were biodynamic and two were organic. Of those ranked “excellent,” five were biodynamic and three organic. The researchers studied 3,545 wines from 96 wineries in the Alsace region of France. In their final analysis, looking at dry Alsatian white wines from 1981 through 2008, the researchers concluded that wines made by biodynamic vintners received higher critical ratings than those not certified as such — whether they were tasted blind or with the labels showing. Formal certification increased the ratings when the taster could see the producer.

Alder Yarrow, a respected wine critic and writer, has written, “You see, I love biodynamic wine. Some of my favorite wines in the world; some of the best wines I have ever tasted in my life; some of the wineries that seem to consistently make some of the highest quality wines I have ever experienced are produced biodynamically, and I don’t believe this is a coincidence.”

And finally, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, a Burgundy wine that is the most expensive in the world, is produced organically.


Top 5 Reasons

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