OVA Mission Statement


“What’s in Your Wine?”

The Organic Vineyard Alliance (OVA) is a group of winemakers, retailers and distributors who have come together to educate, inform and enlighten you about the benefits of organic wine. Our fact sheets, articles, videos and point of sale information pieces show how organic wine benefits your health, is a positive movement in global sustainability, and is ‘greener’ than conventional wine making.

We believe that our organic wine education movement will have the same positive impact as the organic food movement – providing much-needed information about the food chain as it relates to grapes and wine growing, the widespread use of pesticides on conventionally-grown grapes, and the contrasts between organic wine production and chemically-enhanced conventional wine production.

OVA brings you the facts about organic wine that is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We discuss the use of sulfites in wine production. You’ll have an opportunity to hear the voices of winemakers, distributors and retailers sharing their excitement as the organic wine movement takes center stage in the national conversation. Explore our Top Five Reasons to Buy Organic.

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